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    [Team Anus] Rules, All members must read.


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    [Team Anus] Rules, All members must read.

    Post  Elyzium{RAWR} on Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:43 pm

    The rules for [Team Anus] are as followed
    -You must be atleast 15
    -You must have a mic
    You must sound adult
    -Dont be an annoying little fucker 24/7, try to keep it to a little under a decent amount K? *cough*Dom*cough* I love you
    -You dont have to be on all the time, but try to manage to log on atleast 3 times a week.
    -Dont spam forum, mic or chat. You can talk but dont make it random shit. When me and dom whisper penis we dont spam it but we periodically say it.
    -When we get teamspeak set up, we would prefer if you are in it while playing CSS.
    -Under the thread Entitled "Bitches, Homos and children of the corn" we would appreciate it if you would glitch/TK/make fun of them every opportunity you get within Clan rules.
    -Make sure to back up all Team Anus Members when in game.

    Those are currently all the clan rules, as time goes on we will update and post new ones.
    you ARE required to read all of these before you apply to the guild.

    Also, until our server is up, while in steamgamers server which is currently our main server, some admins are uptight and to ensure not getting banned or muted listen to their warnings and server rules

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